First Finish of 2007

January 17, 2007 at 6:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Once I decided that the quickest way to finish Garden Maze was to load eight or nine needles with the different colors instead of feeding one needle, I flew through this piece.  I couldn’t find didn’t feel like looking for my Pako organizer.  Odds are that it’s stuck in the cedar chest with the rest of my stash and we do not want to go in there yet, lol.  I threaded my needles and just stuck them into the mattress cause that’s where I was stitching.  I had a nice sleep last night so I don’t think I lost any!
Garden Maze

This piece is just soooo pretty and the frame is nice and hefty.  My only complaint is that it has an easel back like a picture frame.  The directions state to use iron on interfacing on the back of the stitching which I didn’t use.  The easel back prevents you from leaving any excess cause there’s no way to tack it down.  I did leave excess which I just taped in the back using acid free artist’s tape, but I have to come up with a more permanent, cleaner looking solution to the problem. 

I gave my QSnaps to a coworker to run through her dishwasher.  They are stretched just a little bit too much, and even though I layer flannel beneath my work and the clamp, I still get looseness.  Here’s hoping that the heat/dry cycle on the dishwasher works to shrink them a bit.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll need to buy replacement clamps.  Since I don’t have my QSnaps (and probably won’t get them back till next week), I guess I’ll have to work on MODB since it’s on scroll rods on my Hearthside frame.  Not that I’m complaining as I love every stitch I put into this piece.   I got two FQ’s of fabric in the mail from SMF.  Shimmering Ocean and Shimmering Forget Me Knot Grove both in 28 ct Cashel.  I’m thinking Mermaid of the Pearls on one of them.

Went to the eye doctor yesterday and my eye pressure is climbing back up.  I had cold laser surgery on the surface of my eyes about 1 1/2 years ago which kept the pressure down to a manageable degree so that I didn’t have to use eye drops.  Now it’s climbing back up again so I have to go for some more testing in six weeks and back for another pressure check in two months.  If it’s still elevated, we’ll decide whether to go for another round of laser or back to the meds.  I really need to keep this under control because I’m so fearful of losing my sight!  My mom had glaucoma also plus she suffered a detached retina that wasn’t caught in time, so she lost sight in one eye.  She cross stitched too, and crocheted, and being blind in one eye really compromised all of that.  She missed it so much.  I seem to take after my mom healthwise, but she had lots of other health issues that I haven’t acquired yet and I want to keep it that way.  Other than my eyes, for an old bag, I’m not doing too bad.  Could stand to lose about 20 lbs, but I’ve been battling that issue my whole life, and gave up on it, lol. 


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  1. Your latest JN finish is lovely – that frame really suits it! 😀 Sorry to hear about your eye woes … I had Lasik surgery years ago, and grateful for you that the surgery is much improved since way back then! Fingers crossed they can sort something out painlessly for you 🙂

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