Stitchin and Soapin

February 3, 2007 at 2:48 pm | Posted in cross stitch | 2 Comments

Made a batch of Moonlight Path soap today. Swirled with gold mica and ultramarine blue.  This is one of my favorite scents.  This soap really set up quickly, even before I stirred up the bits for the swirls.  Hmmm, what to do, what to do?  I wanted my swirls!  So I took the pot, set it on the burner to heat slightly, popped the two bowls with color in the microwave for a minute and a half and voila – soap thin enough to swirl with!  Ran back down to the basement with the soap, did my swirls with time to spare, and popped that puppy out on the porch where it now rests till threat of gel stage is over.  Whew!  I put some titanium dioxide in the main batch so here’s hoping it stays nice and white to provide a contrast with the swirls.  This is a closeup of one bar in the mold:

Moonlight Path swirled soap

Does this look great or what?  Now to wait six week for it to cure!

 I promised pics of my new stash so here it is:

Queen of the Needle

Just Nan’s Queen of the Needle, a bunch of Hobb Nobb Doodles, and a Kelmscott thread winder.  I’m doing the design on SMF’s 28 count Diva.  The directions state to use DMC perle 8 for the scrolly white bits, but I hated it.  Pulled out some white Silk Mori instead and am much happier.  I also got some Whimzi’s by Just Nan, not pictured.  Snow Faces and Snow Bonnets with snowflake frames.  Too cute!

I called Donna at Teatime Stitchery and asked her to pick me up a couple of things at the Nashville Market.  I’d like to get the Alyssum Scissor Pocket by The Cat’s Whiskers and the limited edition piece by Little House Needleworks, Crescent Threads, and Kelmscott Designs.  She’s having market day on Tuesday, Feb 13 starting at 10:00 AM.  I won’t get there till Wednesday night because of work, so I’m hoping the new stuff is not picked over too much.

I worked on Stoney Creek’s “Believe” last night and should be done with it some time this week.  Here’s hoping that the frame comes soon  this week and I can count this as a FO.

 Friggin’ cold here for the next couple of days.  Supposed to get to near 0 for the next couple of nights, so I think I’m gonna hunker down with some chicken soup, some stitching, and some reading.  Stay warm wherever you are!



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  1. That soap is beautiful! What a great color combination. Looks good enough to eat, actually!

  2. Oh my, stitchin’ and soapin’……2 of my favourite things. What a fabulous post to read and oh how I love to see pictures. I’m SO tempted by Just Nan’s Queen of the Needle. I haven’t buckled yet but I’m close. LOL! I look forward to seeing your progress on it. I wonder how long I’ll last before I need to have this one myself. ;o)

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