New Wheel On The Way!

February 18, 2007 at 11:18 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I really just couldn’t stand it!  I sold my wheel about 2 months ago because “I didn’t have time to spin”.  Well, I miss it so much and the past few days I’ve had my spindle out spinning some Corriedale pencil roving that I got from Crown Mountain, bemoaning the loss of my beloved Joy.  Compounding that feeling of loss, I kept running to the computer and searching wheels on ebay and looking at spinning blogs, all of which made me feel worse.  So I did it!  I ordered a new Joy from Copper Moose, along with some extra bobbins, and some spinning oil (to which I will add my lavender essential oil – to die for), and a Kromski arched Lazy Kate (the Ashford bobbins supposedly fit on this one).  Done deal, mea culpa, mea culpa, and I can’t wait till she gets here!!  I’ll have to make time to spin.  I figure I can alternate my cross stitch with the spinning through the week, and save knitting for the weekend.  Or some such arrangement.  Who CARES?  I’m getting my Joy back!  And stupid creature of habit that I am, even though I considered other wheels, including Majacraft’s Rose, I went with the Joy again.  I taught myself to spin on the Joy, and had no complaints about her at all so I decided to stay in my comfort zone, lol.

Knitting news – I finished my Forest Canopy shawl and am so proud and pleased with it because it’s my first shawl made from my own handspun, hand-dyed yarn.   Two plies of merino and one ply of silk, spun perfectly and wondrously soft.   Forgive the less than artistic shot, but she did need captured in the snow and I know that you can’t see the detail but it’s there.    My only semi-regret is that the lace detail would show better with a solid yarn, so even though this is my precious first shawl, I’m going to make another in a solid color.    Hee, hee, as soon as my Joy arrives!  The merino is ready.   

Forest Canopy Shawl

Cross stitch news:  I’m near done with Believe!  I hope to finish this weekend – helps that I have tomorrow off for President’s Day.  I have the mats and the frame and will just need to stop at the hardware store to get the glass, so hopefully will have a shot of the finished, framed piece very shortly.

Took a run to Teatime Stitchery on Friday finally to pick up the pieces I asked Donna to get at Market.  The Alyssum Scissor Pocket by Cat’s Whiskers, and the limited edition Thread Gathering by LHN.  Also bought a new cutie from Hob Nobb Designs with a sheep button, some 8″ replacements clamps for my QSnap, another 11″ QSnap, and two designs by LHN/Crescent Threads.  The Watermelon piece and the Cherries piece.  These chartpacks feature whole skeins of thread and the watermelon colors are just wonderful. 

I’m off to wash clothes, stitch, and dream of my Joy!


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  1. How exciting, I’m so glad you’re getting another wheel!

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