MIA again!

March 14, 2007 at 11:04 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I’ve been MIA again, suffering from an awful cold these past couple of days.  Seems like I always get a cold this time of year, always during/after a slight warmup spell.  Guess the germs get more active then, and here I was thinking I was going to get off easy this year.  Spent Sunday and Monday tussling with a fever too, and doing my best to make sure it doesn’t turn in pneumonia which has happened to me in the past.  About four times!  Took Monday, Tuesday, and today off from work which should be a plus, but feeling like this, I’d as soon be healthy and at work, lol.  I’m goona be buying stock soon in the folks who make Dayquil/Nyquil!

Got one sock done with my handspun Corriedale and started on the Moonlight scarf from Scarf Style with some Paton’s SWS.  I couldn’t resist the colorway when I saw it at Joanne Fabrics.  No more spinning done – I promised myself that I would complete my socks before I spun anything new, but I have added to the stash.  Some lovely merino roving from copperpot on etsy.  Pics of all this to come on the weekend.  Still not feeling so hot and it’s not picture taking weather here with clouds and rain.

Stay well!


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