What a Life

April 30, 2007 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Spinning and knitting and waiting for MDSW.  Course there’s a little bit of work in there, like I could forget that.  Can’t wait for the time when “work” is a memory.  Hope I live long enough to talk about it, lol.  I would certainly like to die an old woman in my bed like Rose from Titanic, and not croak at the keyboard, having them pry the mouse out of my cold dead hands  Sheesh, what a topic.   Guess I’ve been thinking about it a lot – work, or not working that is.  Not croaking.  I’m closer to 60 than 50 and retirement is looming closer and closer.  I absolutely cannot wait.  My dad is 80, obviously retired, and still sets an alarm clock!   He says that he’s afraid that he’ll sleep half the day away.  Well, duh, who cares??????  I plan on living in my jammies, eating when I want, sleeping when I want.  About the last thing I want to hear when I retire is an alarm clock.  Unless it’s getting me up to go to a sheepy festival or something, ya know?

Anway,  Miss Rose is doing mighty fine and here’s some of Spunky Electic’s Dandy Lions club fiber to prove it.  8.5 ounces of superwash, 2 Ply worsted weight.


And a closeup just because I can’t get enough of it:mvc-003s.jpg

 This stuff spun and plied like a dream.  And I have to say that I love the look of batts = the beaded pink in a previous post was a luxury batt, but my favorite to spin is combed top or roving.  BTW, www.wool2dye4.com now has superwash BFL.  Just ordered me a pound of it.  I’ve never heard of anything other than merino superwash – though I don’t know why the process couldn’t be applied to any wool.  Wonder why we don’t see any others??  I’d like to spin some sock weight to see if it wears better than merino.  They also have superwash BFL yarn, BTW, in case you don’t spin.

Even though I haven’t been doing much stitching myself (and feeling guilty tremors over it), I do have a stitchy picture.  This is a riverboat piece done by a girlfriend.  I’m framing it for her.  So far it’s pinned to the acid free foamcore, and when I’m finished doing the literary thing here, I’m going to complete it.  Pop it in the frame, attach the dust cover, hanger, and voila!  Fini.  It’s a pressie for her Mom, and a lovely one at that.


Getting excited about Maryland Sheep and Wool.  We were slow today because it’s the day after year end close and the system was down, so I made a list of things to take.  I’m even stopping at the dollar store to get a helium balloon to tie onto my antenna so that I can find my car in the field afterwards, lol.  I am terrible about remembering where I park, even at the local grocery store, and have suffered moments of panic thinking that somebody stole it only to discover it hiding on the side of the building, right where I left it.  Too bad I can’t just whistle, like Zorro calling his freaking horse, and have it trot right over.


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  1. Ooh, that closeup is gorgeous! Nice job!

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