Here We Go Again!

July 4, 2008 at 11:09 pm | Posted in cross stitch | Leave a comment

Over a year.  I’ve been a bad blogger, huh?  Life just got the best of me or I just got too lazy, lol.  I haven’t cross stitched for quite a while, however I had knee surgery in May and felt a compulsion to start back up again.  I’ve got it bad for CCN and LHN designs and have spent the past month buying some and stitching some.  I also got motivated to open the cedar chest which contains all of my cross stitch goodies to re-discover what lurks there.  Haven’t looked in there for over a year either and it was like Christmas, I tell ya. 

Since May, I’ve stitched The Chocolate Shoppe by CCN, Gingerbread Cottage by CCN and am currently working on Bless Our Home by CCN.  I also made a floss ring using one of my little Hobb Nobb Designs. 

I’m missing my LNS – Teatime Stitchery.  Sometime this spring she had to vacate her premises and as far as I know she hasn’t relocated yet.  It leaves me in a quandry because she was somewhat close and stocked everything that I like.  I found a new shop, just as close, but her prices are higher.  I figure that I’ll use them for my framing supplies and the odd thing here and there, and just do my shopping online.  I will miss being able to see things in person, however I get just as excited having a package containing stitching goodies arriving via mail.  I stopped into this new shop last week and ordered a frame for Chocolate Shoppe which is now in so I’ll be stopping there tomorrow to pick it up.  She also has punchneedle and rug hooking supplies and I couldn’t resist Waxing Moons Bittersweet Pumpkin which I’ll also be picking up.  She stocks needles and hoops for punchneedle, but I found good deals on ebay and a youtube video showing how to punchneedle so I guess I’m set.  I remember doing Pretty Punch years and years ago so I’m hoping not to have a problem reteaching myself.

It’s good to be back.  I’ll take some pics of my new finishes and post those tomorrow.


BTW, this will be primarily a cross stitch blog.   Maybe some critter tales and my disaster of a life, but mostly cross stitch since it was and continues to be my first love.   I sold my spinning wheel recently cause I can’t treadle with these knees of mine and surprisingly I don’t miss it.



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