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July 6, 2008 at 8:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Well, I didn’t get my Chocolate Shoppe framed today. However, here’s a cute kitty pic.¬† They were both sleeping but the flash from the first pic woke Colby up.

Please excuse the laundry in the background. Colby (the gray kitty) just loves lying near it. Toby (the orange kitty) is the newest member of the household. We’ve only had him for about two weeks. I sent my son and his girlfriend to the pet store to pick up kitty litter liners and he followed them home. Needless to say, I’m picking¬†up the liners in the future, lol.

Dad came over to dinner where we discussed an addition to the house so that he can move in with us. He currently lives in an apartment about 12 miles away and I think he’s lonely and worried that if something happens to him, nobody will be around. He’s 81 and active, has a pacemaker and knee replacements. He had bypass surgery about 10 years ago but feels great other than the normal 81 year old aches and pains and bowel stories, lol. I’m going to call a contractor tomorrow and make an appointment for an estimate. Our options are limited because we currently have a deck on the back of the house. Our lot is small – we live in a plan. Our only option might be adding a room out the front off of the dining room which means it will have to be dressed up a little to blend in with the rest of the house. At least he’s paying for it and I’ll have a sayso in the design, so how can I lose since it will increase the value of our home? It will be a pain getting rid of everything in his apartment because he’ll only need his bedroom furniture and the TV. There will be the living room furniture and another bedroom set to sell or give away, plus pots and pans etc. The good news is that he’ll be bringing along all of my mom’s framed cross-stitch. She loved Lavendar and Lace’s angels and did three or four of them that are beautifully framed, and Paula Vaughn’s Little Women. I’m sure I’ll find a place to hang them, lol.

I worked on the punchneedle a little bit last night and tonight I’m working on CCN’s Bless Our Home. I need to stop and get more DMC 816 to finish the punchneedle. Pics to come tomorrow – it’s too late to get a decent pic with just room lighting. I saw this mentioned on another blog and I agree – the Crescent Color’s Peanut Brittle for the roof, door, and trees is awfully light – not like the chart pic at all. Plus no variegation. It’ll do, but I would have wished for what’s pictured. I got a skein of Peanut Brittle in Sweet Treats and I’ve seen it at the LNS and they’re all identical to this one. It’s almost exactly like DMC 437. I don’t mind paying for hand dyed floss, but I would much prefer to have some uniqueness as far as color or variegation. Oh well!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m off to stitch!



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