Three Bags Full

July 15, 2008 at 5:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Three bags full – that’s just about how much wool I have leftover from my rug hooking days. I could give Weeks Dye Works wool a run for their money, lol.

Three bags full of wool!

Three bags full of wool!

Noooo, I’m not taking rug hooking back up again, lol. This is what motivated me to get it out.

Snowflake Punchneedle by With Needle and Thread


I finished this and as I’m sitting pondering what I’m going to do with it, I realize that it’s the perfect size for the front of a scissor pocket.  My initial intention was to use it as a focal point on a pillow, but I like the scissor pocket idea better.  BTW, I’ve never made a scissor pocket but they don’t look too hard.  Vonna, you got a tutorial for one, lol??

Now you’d think with all this wool, that I would have lots of choices, right?  No such luck.  I managed to find this one piece of wool (just one) in the perfect shade of red.  Now to find that tutorial!!!


Red Wool for Scissor Pocket

Red Wool for Scissor Pocket

I received my Vintage Light Exemplar from Wyndham Needleworks finally and let me tell you, I am in LOVE with this fabric.  It’s my new favorite and will be perfect for Little House Neighborhood.  Also notice the wonderful scissor fob that I bought from Mary Kathryn.  Isn’t the teapot the cutest thing?
Teapot scissor fob and Vintage Light Exemplar

Teapot scissor fob and Vintage Light Exemplar

I made a small purchase today from Puffin & Co.  A new “must-have” tool.  I’ll post piccies when it arrives.  Also paid for CCN’s Needlework Shop to Mary Kathryn so it should be coming soon too.  I just love stitchy mail!

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  1. Well I wish I had three bags full of wool! 🙂 Its my new favorite to finish with.

    Scissors Pocket Tutorial…nope don’t have one of those, but Becky has one on her blog sidebar. And it would work perfect for your design since it’s a square-ish finish. Go look it up!

    And now you’ve done it for me on Vintage Light Examplar…I’ve been looking and thinking and wanting and I have some finishing money that I’ve earned that I want to spend (for its burning a hole in my pocket)…and I always hear Nicole say how wonderful VLE is…and I thought I had myself talked out of it because of its priceyness…but now….yikes!
    I keep looking at Sassys Fabbys because she’s got some new sampler packs and I’m thinking that I just need to get me some of those because SHE makes my favorite fabrics and they are really close in color to VLE (like Creamy Cocoa, Sugared Coffee) so…..

    Good Luck with the scissors pocket!

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