No More Tangles

July 18, 2008 at 12:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

No, I’m not talking about hair conditioner.  I’m talking about a new product made by Puffin & Co.  It’s called a Craft Strand Separator and is my new favorite toy.  I just received it in the mail today and it works like a charm. 

Sweet Treats and Puffin & Co. Craft Strand Separater

Sweet Treats and Puffin & Co. Craft Strand Separater


I bought mine directly from Puffin & Co. because the shipping was only $1.30, however Nordic Needle has these and I saw some yesterday on etsy.  They also have the cutest designs – the moon above, an angel, a heart, kitties, a dragonfly, a cross, a butterfly and a couple of others.  This has been one of my better purchases, let me tell ya.  And no, I’m not affiliated, just very pleased with my new toy!  I might need another – I think the angel is calling to me!  And the heart!


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  1. Your sweet treats is looking quite yummy! I have never heard of your new “tool” but it sure is cute. I think you should have a collection of them. : )

  2. I’ve seen the strand separator thing before and wondered if it really worked 🙂 Love your ending and beginning too 😉

  3. Hmmm…I’ve never heard of a strand separator…how does it work?
    Guess I’m off to find out! It’s a cutie 🙂

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