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Sorry to have been away for so long but my surgery was last Wednesday and today is the first day that I’ve felt somewhat human.  The surgery went well, but for those of you who have had surgeries, you know that the first two – three days are pure misery.  Not to mention that the pain meds upset my stomach.  Ugh.  It’s over with now and I have therapy to undergo, the first session of which is today.

For obvious reasons I haven’t made it to the shop to pick out a frame and mats for my Sweet Treats but I think I’ll be able to do that next week.  I have been stitching though and here’s the proof:

Glendon Place's Murky Manor on PTW Dawn 28 ct Cashel

Glendon Place


The ghost will show up better after it’s backstitched and has it’s beaded eyes and mouth.  The moon is done in Caron Wildflowers Buttercup which was my first use of Wildflowers and I wasn’t sure that I liked at first.  You only use one strand and when you’re used to the thinner flowing strands of DMC, this felt like rope at first.  The plus is that because you’re only using one strand you don’t need to railroad threads and I got quite used to using it and even liking it after a bit.  The graph for this design is huge and I have to fold it into sections to make it manageable, so I guess before I start loosing symbols on the creases I need to go find some tape.  Not sure if this will be done by October 1st, but I’m going to plug along anyway and finish it even if it doesn’t get displayed this year.  Thank God I found the fabric in stock elsewhere because Stitching Bits and Bobs still hasn’t sent me the piece I ordered from them on July 25th!

The addition is coming along quite well.  The framing-in is done, and today they’re setting in the door and hopefully the window.  Then the siding will get finished and then I guess the inside finishing starts.  Wish it was done!



A Week of Drama

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Tuesday morning at work, I was travelling up the hallway at work to deliver some invoices to Missy, my coworker.  About half way there, I heard and felt a snapping noise in my knee.  I was unable to put any weight on it, and stood there clinging to the wall and moaning.  Becky and Kevin, a couple of other coworkers saw me and after we determined that I couldn’t walk, Kevin ran and got my chair and they wheeled me over to my desk.  I called my ortho dr. who told me to come in ASAP.  I was able to get to my car and get over there and the dr. ascertained that a piece of meniscus in my knee had broken away and gotten lodged where it wasn’t supposed to.  Needless to say, he put me off work until my scheduled surgery on Wednesday.  So I’ve been hobbling around, and even more so because I can’t take any meds this week, and let me tell ya, I never knew how good Celebrex was until I quit taking it for about 4 days.  OUCH.  And believe it or not, the knee I previously had surgery on in May, hurts almost as much as the other one.  It’s stiff and sore, I can’t go down the steps normally, and it aches unless I prop it up for awhile.  I’m suspecting that mechanically the dr. fixed what he could and what I’m experiencing are continued healing issues and some arthritis.  After this upcoming surgery is done, I think I’m going to get on MSM, glucosamine, chondrotin and see if that helps.

Good news is that because I was off work and sorta incapacitated I was able to finish Sweet Treats!!  Yay!  I’m going to stitch on the buttons tonight and hopefully I’ll be able to get to the frame shop tomorrow and pick out a frame and mats (yes, I decided to mat it). 

Country Cottage Needleworks - Sweet Treats - 28 ct. Vintage Lentil by Lakeside Linens and Crescent Threads

Country Cottage Needleworks - Sweet Treats - 28 ct. Vintage Lentil by Lakeside Linens and Crescent Threads


In addition, the contractors have started the addition and this is how far they are:

This is the view from my deck which is off of my living room.  The joists you see are suspended on concrete piers and the garage entrance is below the addition.  The concrete piers are creating a challenge for my son when getting his car in/out.  He has a supercharged Cobalt and the thing has no wheel radius for good turning.  Hopefully when this is done and the area in front of the addition is cleared of construction stuff, it’ll be easier.  In the meantime, this crew is not the neatest and I’m going to discuss this with George the contractor tomorrow morning.  Granted I have a gravel driveway, but that isn’t a reason to leave concrete chunks, wood chunks, nails, empty milk cartons from lunches, and cigarette butts all over the driveway.  The carpenter was cutting wood on the side of the driveway and left slivers, chunks of wood and sawdust everywhere.  I shouldn’t have to babysit these guys and spend an hour cleaning up after them when they leave, right?  I also need to emphasize that when this job is done, my driveway should look exactly as it did when they started. 

My brother came into town yesterday – haven’t seen him for a year and a half and we spent a wonderful day with him and my dad.  We rode out to Sam’s Club and bro bought my dad a flat screen LCD HDTV with wall mounts for his new room!  That should free up some space for him in his new room and we’re to be the happy recipients of his old TV, which is a damn sight better than the one that currently resides in our living room.  We came home to a dinner of stuffed cabbage (requested by bro), Italian bread, and Strawberry Pretzel Dessert.  Since my brother is back in Pa. we should see him more frequently and hopefully he’ll be able to make it back for a couple of days when dad’s room is done.  He says he might bring up his truck and his Harley which will make the son very happy indeed.

I called Stitching Bits and Bobs on Friday because I want my Murky Manor which I ordered on July 25th.  The holdup is the Picture This Plus fabric which still isn’t in.  I know Bobby has a statement on her site that there will be a wait for some fabrics, but damn, is it too much to ask to stock some of the popular hand dyed fabric so that it’s on hand to ship when people order?  I spoke to a great shop in Florida that I’ve dealt with before when I needed special fabric and lo and behold they happened to have a hunk of Dawn – they are my saviours!  The shop is The Stitch and Frame Shop and their service is superb.  They were the ones who had Lakeside Linens Vintage Lentil in stock for my Sweet Treats.   I ordered it and then called Bobby at SB&B to send all of my order except for the fabric (obviously) since I need to get this started now in order to have it on the wall for Halloween.  Hopefully everything I need will be here by Tuesday and I can get my threads and everything organized before surgery on Wednesday.

Sunny Sunday

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Sorry that I haven’t blogged all week, but as mentioned in my last post, I knew I was going to have a very busy week.  Not as busy as intended however, because my brother cancelled this weekend and instead is coming next weekend.  That didn’t stop me from taking Thursday and Friday off, lol, so I got a bunch of reading and stitching done.  I spent a lot of time on the deck as the weather is just beautiful and cool enough to leave off the AC.  My kind of weather!  I finished Sacrifice by SJ Bolton and might start the Historian next.  Wanted to keep that for next week for my post op reading, but the dang thing is 600+ pages so I think I’ll have more than enough to keep me occupied through then. 

I finished block 4 on Sweet Treats and even pressed it for your viewing pleasure!  Pie is the next block, then Cake which should come this week from Mary Kathryn.  Still undecided on how I’m going to frame – with or without mats.  I think pink/green mats would look wonderful as would green/tan. 


I also started and finished Be A Witch by Shepherd’s Bush.  Ever since I saw Vonna’s finished pillow, I’ve been obsessed with this piece as I love Halloween decorating.  I’m normally a one-project-at-a-time gal, but this one broke my resolve.  It was a quick stitch too, took me less than two days.  I only used two of the Crescent Colors and substituted DMC for the rest.   It’s pictured with the fabric I purchased to make the pillow and I still need to get some black organdy ribbon and fiberfill.

Only seven more work days before my surgery!  Can’t wait to be off for two months, though I don’t think it’s going to be nice and quiet around here.  The contractor is pouring concrete hopefully tomorrow so by next week they’ll be in the thick of things, hammering and banging away.  Don’t think I’ll be sleeping in till 10:00 AM every day!  It will be nice, though, to sit on the deck and watch the progress.  I’ll have to take pics.

Damn TV cable is screwed up – has been for four days cause they were booked and can’t come till today.  I don’t get anything beyond channel 99 except for their freaking One Moment Please message box.  Excuse me – how about Four Days and Counting Please?  For $200.00 a month which is what I’m paying for internet, cable, and phone, I’m pretty pissed.  And nobody has mentioned a credit yet either which will be discussed with them tomorrow.  Supposed to be here between 12 PM and 4 PM and it’s 1 PM and no phone call that they’re coming yet.  Can you tell I’m impatient!

Oh Say

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Somebody hurry up and take my temperature!  On top of everything that I did yesterday I got up today and cleaned the oven.  What’s gotten into me, lol???  I normally keep everything pretty clean, but this is getting out of hand.  I’m thinking that maybe I’m being so anal because of the upcoming surgery.   Who knows?  Anyway, I have a clean house, clean fridge, clean oven, two freshly painted rooms and life is good, lol. 

I also framed Shepherd Bush’s Oh Say today. 


Shepherd Bush's Oh Say

Shepherd Bush's Oh Say

Jill’s mats are just too awesome.   It’s been hung on the wall in the dining room and looks very very cute.  I’m sorely tempted to get the rest of the tiny sheep, but we’ll see.  I have so much on my stitching plate already.  Big score today!  I won LHN Heart of America kit on ebay including the R&R Creek Bed Brown Linen for $28.00!!  The kit retails for $40 and the fabbie would have been somewhere around $15.00 – $20.00.  The kit includes 11 skeins of Crescent Colors floss and the JABC buttons.  I already have a place picked out for the finished piece!  After Sweet Treats, of course.  I am a “one project at a time” girl, unfortunately, and I can’t be swayed otherwise, so don’t even try, lol.

I’m almost done reading “The Tenth Gift” by Jane Johnson and I must say that it has been a wonderful journey.  I saw it mentioned on someone’s blog and I’m so glad that I ordered it from the library.  Next up is Sacrifice by S J Bolton.

Tomorrow after work I have a dentist appointment, then I need to stop at the bakery to get a birthday cake for my friend at work.  Wednesday I need to pick the son and his girlfriend up at the airport, and my brother is coming for the weekend.  Don’t know how much blogging will get done, but I’ll try my best.

I’ve been using different siggies lately on my posts.  I have a whole folder full!  Below is one of my favorites.


Ambitious Saturday

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I popped out of bed this morning rarin’ to go.  I cleaned the entire house except for the bathroom, did two loads of laundry, hung the living room curtains that I neglected to hang last weekend after washing the windows, and finished CCN’s Bless Our Home as a pillow.  The pillow design is loosely based on Shepherd Bush’s Be Attitudes pillow.

Country Cottage Needleworks "Bless Our Home"

Country Cottage Needleworks "Bless Our Home"


I’m very happy with the way it turned out and it was great practice for Be A Witch by Shepherd’s Bush that I plan to finish true to the pattern. 

My brother is coming home next weekend.  We haven’t seen him for over a year.  He is back from Egypt where he’s lived for the past 10 years and is currently living in York Pa.  It will be soooo good to see him.

I also think the contractor is starting on the addition on Monday.  It appears that my surgery will fall right in the midst of construction so I hope it isn’t too noisy, lol.  I’ll be glad when this thing is done and dad’s settled in!

My son is in Arizona with his girlfriend visiting her parents.  He’s been calling every day (such a momma’s boy, lol) and is having a great time despite the temps being 110 degrees.  I can’t even imagine it that hot.  I’m thinking about going with them next year so maybe I’ll find out.  I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon  and seeing as how I’ll only have to pay for plane fare and treat everyone to a couple of meals, I can’t pass up the opportunity.

Have a super weekend everyone!

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