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August 27, 2008 at 11:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Sorry to have been away for so long but my surgery was last Wednesday and today is the first day that I’ve felt somewhat human.  The surgery went well, but for those of you who have had surgeries, you know that the first two – three days are pure misery.  Not to mention that the pain meds upset my stomach.  Ugh.  It’s over with now and I have therapy to undergo, the first session of which is today.

For obvious reasons I haven’t made it to the shop to pick out a frame and mats for my Sweet Treats but I think I’ll be able to do that next week.  I have been stitching though and here’s the proof:

Glendon Place's Murky Manor on PTW Dawn 28 ct Cashel

Glendon Place


The ghost will show up better after it’s backstitched and has it’s beaded eyes and mouth.  The moon is done in Caron Wildflowers Buttercup which was my first use of Wildflowers and I wasn’t sure that I liked at first.  You only use one strand and when you’re used to the thinner flowing strands of DMC, this felt like rope at first.  The plus is that because you’re only using one strand you don’t need to railroad threads and I got quite used to using it and even liking it after a bit.  The graph for this design is huge and I have to fold it into sections to make it manageable, so I guess before I start loosing symbols on the creases I need to go find some tape.  Not sure if this will be done by October 1st, but I’m going to plug along anyway and finish it even if it doesn’t get displayed this year.  Thank God I found the fabric in stock elsewhere because Stitching Bits and Bobs still hasn’t sent me the piece I ordered from them on July 25th!

The addition is coming along quite well.  The framing-in is done, and today they’re setting in the door and hopefully the window.  Then the siding will get finished and then I guess the inside finishing starts.  Wish it was done!




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  1. Glendon Place is looking mighty fine so far. I’ve never worked with Caron Wildflowers before. Sounds interesting.

    I’m not surprised that SB&B is taking so long to deliver the fabric. Previous experiences with them have told me not to expect my order from them for at least a month. Hand dyed fabrics are special ordered so guess that would take longer. Still, their sales are pretty worth it ^.^

  2. Good to have you back sweetie.

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