Busier than a one armed paperhanger

September 3, 2008 at 1:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Well, not entirely true, since I’m recuperating still, but it sure seems like I’m busier than a one armed paperhanger, lol.  Progress was commencing quite nicely on Murky Manor, however I needed a change-up from the darker colors so I started LHN’s Garden Girl which will go quite nicely in my newly painted bedroom. 

Glendon Place's Murky Manor

Glendon Place


LHN's Garden Girl



I seriously doubt that Murky Manor will be completed in time for Halloween so I’m not going to drive myself nuts hurrying.  It’ll get done sooner or later.  Garden Girl looks like a quick stitch and I should have it done in two weeks or so.  I still haven’t made it to the shop to select mats and a frame for Sweet Treats – perhaps next week one day.  I have only just been able to tolerate sitting in the car for any length of time.  There just isn’t enough room to stretch or move around my legs when they start to ache but that’s slowly improving.  

I just now ordered the new Prairie Schooler 2008 Santa and Santas and Snowmen from Anita at Little Stitches.  She has a special on both charts and a fat quarter of Opalescent 28 ct Raw Cashel for $20.30.  I have never stitched PS, but have been noticing them on some blogs lately and they’ve kinda captured my interest.  And I love Santa and Snowmen so I took the plunge.  Looking forward to getting these – Anita says it’ll ship tomorrow.  And speaking of shipping, would you believe that I still haven’t received the PTP fabric from SB&B that I ordered on 07/25?  I did check the PTP page on her site and it says two to four weeks.  NOT!  And even though I ordered the fabric elsewhere from a shop that had it in stock, I’m still quite pissed and will probably never order fabric again from SB&B.  I love Bobbie’s sales, but God forbid if something isn’t in stock and every time I place an order something is on backorder – a chart, floss, etc.     I feel if you have an online shop, you should stock what you sell.  I’d forgive an occasional backorder, but this happens every time I order and is frustrating enough for me to reconsider using them any longer.

It took me four days to paint the bedroom – when my leg started aching, I’d stop and rest.  I wasn’t in any hurry and I only have left a portion around the ceiling fan and some woodwork to paint yet.  I chose a soft country blue for the walls and Raffia Creme for the doors, ceiling, and woodwork.  The paint brand is Behr and let me tell ya, I’ve never used a nicer paint.  Excellent coverage and no splattering whatsoever.  Other paints left my painting arm coated in paint dots – with this paint I had none.  And the colors are just gorgeous.  Got a new ceiling fan too.  The motor in the old one finally bit the dust.  With this small cosmetic improvements I feel like I have a whole new room!   

I am acquiring all of my mum’s cross stitched pieces since Dad is moving over here.  He wouldn’t part with them when he moved from the house to the apartment but now that he’s moving here, I’ll be getting them all.  And since he is moving from an apartment to a room, hehe, he won’t have the wall space to display them all.  I went over last evening to change a dressing on his back.  He had a cyst removed, it was infected, and when he got home the dressing was so soaked that it fell off.  Yuck.  Anyway whilst I was there I decided that we can start transferring some things over to my places, so I picked off my favorite L & L angels from the walls, lol.  One now resides in my living room, the other in my bedroom.  I’m so happy to have these pieces finally!  They were my mum’s pride and joy – she loved Marilyn’s angels.  The one below has a suede mat and gold fillet and is my favorite of all the angels she did.

L & L angel in the dining room

L & L angel in the dining room

Work commences on the addition.  The carpenter is almost finished, just some siding left to install and some other minor things.  The electrician is here now, and will be here again tomorrow.  The plumber has been here to rough in the plumbing and I suppose I should be seeing the fella who’s doing the inside finishing early next week.  Things are definitely moving along and so far I’m very pleased with the looks of it.  It blends in very well with the rest of the house and the deck.  I’m really pleased with my choice of the door opening onto the deck.  It has beveled glass and is very rich looking.  I selected polished brass hardware for the door handle and deadbolt which will pick up the gold channelling in the stained glass.

I choose a Sage Green for his walls and still need to select carpeting.  I’m considering a nice warm beige/tan.  Here’s a view of the room from the deck side.  Ignore the deck railing propped against the side – they still need to reposition my steps and the railing.

I go back to the dr. on the 23rd for my second post op re-evaluation.  Hope he gives me another week or two off work beyond that!



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  1. Gorgeous stitching as always…but I am lusting after that adorable halloween needle minder. I may have to find one too 🙂

  2. Happy to hear you’re feeling better, Carol. You’ve made quite a bit of progress there on Glendon Place.

    The angel your mum stitched is gorgeous! I can see why your dad refused to part with it.

    Take care and hope your knee returns to normal soon. Hugz!

  3. Oh yeah, we were just discussing on another Yahoo group of mine about the length of waiting time whenever we order from SB&B, especially after a sale. That’s just terrible though… how long has it been for a piece of fabric? Two? Three months? I ordered directly from PTP during their one day sale on 25 July and received it last week… so maybe next time you can try that?

  4. Great WIP’s and your mother’s L&L is just gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. That said, some old portraits look a little creepy or just too engaging to be used in a staged room. If your ancestor appears sad, mad, or stares out of the canvas in such a way that makes visitors talk about the art rather than your house, store the painting.

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