Losing My Mind

September 8, 2008 at 7:03 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I thought of some more things that I wanted to blog about and instead of editing my last post, I just thought I’d write a new one.

Has anyone ever been able to scoop up any Silkweaver’s Solos on the day they’re posted?  I haven’t been able to score one yet, until last week.  At 12:02 I was on the site, and selected a lovely piece of 28ct Cashel that I HAD TO HAVE  wanted.  12:02 and the damn thing was gone!  I swear somebody gets over there and does a mass “select” and then just weeds out their cart.  Anyway, I click off the site in disgust.  On Thursday I’m back over there buying some Frenzy for Hallowscornu and thought I’d try a small piece of Days Gone By too.  Just for the heck of it, I click on the Solos and lo and behold, my piece is there and is available.  WOOHOO!  Is this not beautious????

Silkweaver Solo - MINE

Silkweaver Solo - MINE

Now a question for you all.  Do any of you have any reaaaaalllly old DMC?  Some of my DMC dates back to the 70’s when I first started stitching.  When my mom passed away 11 years ago, I acquired all of her DMC which is also from the 70’s and 80’s.  I interspersed hers with mine in my bobbin boxes but I can tell which are hers from her writing and how neatly her bobbins are wound.  I know that sometime in the past, DMC changed their dyes and I’m wondering how the old compares with the new.  And maybe it’s my imagination, but I swear the older stuff is as soft as silk!


And oh yeah, Yankee Candles has a new Halloween fragrance this year called Boo-Nilla!  I just ordered a jar of it and my fave Sparking Vanilla from www.candlestomydoor.com today.



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  1. Gorgeous Solo! Congrats on snagging it! Got anything special in mind for it?

    I have some very old DMC that I got in the exact same situation as you did! It’s so comforting to see Mom’s handwriting on those cardboard bobbins. I haven’t noticed a difference in the colors, but I do think they’re softer than the DMC today.

    LOVE Yankee candles! I’ll have to check out the new fragrance!

  2. I’m doing a dance for you scoring :o)

  3. Congrats on the linen! I love the colour. Do you have something already picked out for it?

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