Something Wicked

October 19, 2008 at 10:51 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in quite awhile – I’m determined not to ignore my blog this time around – but life has been somewhat overwhelming this month. I went back to work on the 6th – we’re not gonna talk about that, lol. And the addition (for dad) has been giving me fits. The driveway is still a mess – why didn’t I insist on a dumpster? We’re down to the wire as dad is moving in on the 26th and I’m obsessing about all of the last minute details. The carpeting was ordered a week ago, and we discovered that it had to be ordered and wouldn’t be in for a week and a half. So they could be installing at the last minute or……..we could be moving dad into my living room. Needless to say, I’m quite pissed at my contractor. It should have been ordered sooner. Add to that the little nitpicking details I’ve had to crab to him about including the fact that the carpenters still need to finish my deck along with some other minor detail finishing, the interior woodwork feels rough (duh, how about some sandpaper or some steel wool), the wrong hardware was put on the main door, the plunger in the bathroom sink was put on backwards (the work DELTA should face forward and the contractor thinks I’m being unnecessarily evil about that one). Duh, for $35,000 I have the right to be as particular as I want, right?

Anyway, stitchy news. I’m almost done with Something Wicked by La-D-Da!  I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to finish this, but am leaning towards a pillow.


Something totally unexpected happened when I ironed this in prep for it’s picture.  It’s stitched on 29ct. Glenshee Linen in “Muffin”.  Now I have never worked with this fabric before (it is lovely!!), but never thought about it’s washability.  I sprinkled it with water before ironing to get the wrinkles out, and discovered watery blotches as I ironed.  Am I upset????  Heck, no.  It took on a distressed look that I am absolutely loving!!  They’re kind of hard to see in the picture but when I press this off again when completed I’ll be throwing more water on it, lol.


I received the frame for Sweet Treats 3 weeks ago, but still haven’t gotten around to framing it.  I put the piece on my nightstand so that I will be sure to stitch the buttons on tonight, and I’ll have it framed this week … promise.  I love the frame.  I tried other colors, I tried mats, but when it came down to it the white frame by itself really made the white trim around each block pop.


The box in upper left hand corner is an especially treasured piece.  It’s a miniature cedar chest made by Lane that was given away free upon purchase of a regular sized cedar chest.  It’s probably 50 years old or more and belonged to my mom, who is gone.  She used it as a jewelry box, and I use it as a stitchy box.  It holds my scissors, needles, needle keeps, Thread Heaven, etc. and I think of my mom every time I open it.

I also just received the Kelmscott Hardwick scissors shown in the picture.  They’re hefty in weight, but cut beautifully and are a bargain for $11.00.  Just love them!

What am I going to do next?  Not quite sure, but definitely something Christmasy or wintery.  I have a Lizzie Kate pattern, and a couple of Shepherd Bushes, so a choice will be made soon.  Haha, if I have time after Dad moves in.  This should definitely be interesting.



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