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November 11, 2008 at 7:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Dear Heavens, it’s been busy around here and the blog has suffered!  Dad is all moved it and it’s been a work in progress, let me tell ya.  The stuff I had to get rid of!  3 years ago we moved him from his house to an apartment, then a month ago moved him from the apartment to our home.  I donated and gave away what I could, but so much had to be thrown out.

Anyway, for the most part, he’s settled in and we’re all adjusting.  His swearing, which is nothing but a bad habit, is causing the most distress, because even though I’m on the liberal side, hubby is very religious and the swearing deeply offends him.  We’ve been trying our best to get dad’s bad habit corrected.  How successful we’ll be is another matter, lol.

 We moved dad in three weeks ago, and for the first two weekends I was still cleaning out his stuff.  Last weekend was spent with the son spreading 7 1/2 tons of gravel, extending the driveway.  As a result, barely any stitching got done and I still haven’t framed Sweet Treats.  I have a frame ordered for Wicked which should be here in about 2 weeks or so – the framer is super busy this time of year.  I also ordered materials for an L&L angel that was my mom’s.  She had it framed about 15 years ago and I noticed some warpage on the top edge.  I took it apart to discover that her framer had masking taped the needlework to a piece of poster board and stuck it in the frame!!!  It was truly a disgrace and I know that my mum paid a decent price back then to have proper framing done.  Needless to say, I took it apart and marched off to the LNS where I ordered a suede mat, fillet, and a new frame.  I will be framing this myself, properly this time, lol.


Started LK 2005 (I think that’s the correct year) Santa:

Lizzie Kate 2005 Santa

Lizzie Kate 2005 Santa

This is my fourth Santa and when framed will make a nice display with the others on my dining room wall.
I also got some recent stash but I’ll save that for my next post, hopefully next weekend.


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  1. What a wonderful daughter you are:) I hope your dad settles in soon and the stress from moving eases. Maybe you should put a quarter jar in the house and charge dd every time he swears…lol! I know that’s frustrating, just hard to change people when they’re older.
    It’s nice you’re getting the L&L reframed, but sad it has to be done twice.
    Great progress on your Santa too!

  2. I’m hoping that your dad continues to settle in to his new “home”.

    Your santa is looking lovely!

  3. How is this Santa coming along? It is so beautiful already.
    Hope all is still well with your Dad..it’s a big change for us older people to make the adjustments.. lol.
    Good luck and I am sure it will be fine.


  4. Hi..
    I have been waiting for ages for an update to your blog…hope you are well..
    I just love your work and would love to see your updates..


  5. Just checking in to see if everything is OK in your neck of the woods – you’ve been AWOL for a while again 🙂

  6. Hi Carol… I just wanted to say Hello and I’m hoping all is well with you and your family… You’ve been MIA for awhile and I miss your posts and all your wonderful stitching! 🙂

    Hugs and Blessings in stitches…

  7. Good Morning,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am using a Cameo but I don’t have a big enough needle for six strands of floss. I also think I played to much with the settings and now that you say you set yours at two I will go back and do that. I think it would look fuller if I was using 6 strands of floss.
    I had to laugh, I did that Something Wicked cross stitch. I totally loved it and loved doing those letters. In fact of all of the letters I have ever done, I think that is my favorite font.
    I will rip it out one more time not the witch just the tree and the bird. I bought all of the floss that came with the kit. I keep thinking if I get to the orange it will help some..
    Thanks because I just loved that punch needle and I want so bad for it too look good.
    Thank you for coming by and thank you so much for your help.
    My Field of Dreams

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