One Sick Fiber Puppy

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One sick fibery puppy, that’s me! Been spinning like mad on the Joy and all the while being pissed about the bobbin size when plying. I’m just not able to get a nice chunky skein on these (supposedly) 4 oz bobbins. Every since I got the Joy, I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t have just sprung for the Majacraft Rose which was also a consideration at the time.   Started researching the Rose again, and continued to be impressed with her looks, the bobbin size, and the fact that you can purchase a plying set that includes the flyer and an 8 friggin’ ounce bobbin!  Off to ebay I went, and I just ordered one from CopperMoose.  She should be here within the next 10 days all the way from New Zealand.  Oh man, here’s hoping that I don’t want to take a weeks vacation to play on her when she gets here, lol. 

On the knitting front, I finished one sock of a pair from my handspun.  I need to get some of those sock blockers from Chappy for displaying socks, doncha think?

Handspun sock

This was knittedf plain vanilla 2K, 2P ribbing, with Woolly Nylon knit into the heel on size 2 Knitpicks needles.  The best toasty sock ever and I gotta get kicking on the other one.

This is my Cherry Tree Hill sock (notice I said sock, not socks – gotta get kicking on the other one also).  I love this colorway:

CTH sock

And some spinning.  Blue Bliss Corriedale from etsy spun as 3 ply worsted:

I have another small skein drying and I hope to have this problem alleviated when the Rose comes.  All three of these little freaking skeins will now be one big honkin’ skein!

 Here are a couple of bobbins full of some more fiber from copperpot on etsy.  Reds, and chocolate, and sparklies: 
Copperpot red

And lastly, I had to buy some Paton’s SWS.  I’ve seen Lady Eleanor done in this yarn, and just loved all of the colorways.  I chose the pink/green colorway and am making the Midwest Moonlight scarf from Scarf Style:

Is this the right side or the wrong side?  I need to mention that I’ve only been knitting for about a year.  I attempted this scarf about six months ago and ripped it cause I just didn’t know what the heck I was doing.  Made mistakes, and didn’t know how to fix them.  It has been very satisfying for me to get going on this scarf (though I did make one mistake, discovered too late, and I ain’t fixing it, lol) and feel comfortable knitting it.  This and my Forest Canopy handspun shawl represent hurdles that I have overcome.  Progress has been made in my knitting skills and for that I am extremely grateful! 


MIA again!

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I’ve been MIA again, suffering from an awful cold these past couple of days.  Seems like I always get a cold this time of year, always during/after a slight warmup spell.  Guess the germs get more active then, and here I was thinking I was going to get off easy this year.  Spent Sunday and Monday tussling with a fever too, and doing my best to make sure it doesn’t turn in pneumonia which has happened to me in the past.  About four times!  Took Monday, Tuesday, and today off from work which should be a plus, but feeling like this, I’d as soon be healthy and at work, lol.  I’m goona be buying stock soon in the folks who make Dayquil/Nyquil!

Got one sock done with my handspun Corriedale and started on the Moonlight scarf from Scarf Style with some Paton’s SWS.  I couldn’t resist the colorway when I saw it at Joanne Fabrics.  No more spinning done – I promised myself that I would complete my socks before I spun anything new, but I have added to the stash.  Some lovely merino roving from copperpot on etsy.  Pics of all this to come on the weekend.  Still not feeling so hot and it’s not picture taking weather here with clouds and rain.

Stay well!


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Well, I guess you know where I’ve been, lol????  Bonding with this:


And a very merry time was had by all!  My new Joy and as you can see, she’s got some partially filled bobbins ready and waiting.  I’m working on filling another bobbin, then all three will be plied with some Woolly Nylon for some socks.  Fortunately I saved some of my wool from “before I made the BIG mistake – selling my wheel”, but that actually hasn’t stopped me from adding to the stash.  Hey, new wheel, new stash.  They go hand in hand, lol.


Pictured above is some Corriedale pencil roving from Crown Mountain farms, along with some llama/merino/glitz batts from an ebay seller (in the left hand corner), some 20/2 spun silk for plying with beads, and some faux cashmere.  In the upper right hand corner is a luxury batt from Peculiar Ambition – a blend of merino, silk, cashmere, angora, and baby alpaca and is the reason I now need want a drum carder.


This pic features more pencil roving from Crown Mountain and is what I’m currently spinning, along with a lovely purple aqua batt from Sereknity’s etsy store, and the llama/merino batt which in this picture shows off the glitz better.  Not pictured are some plain undyed Wensleysdale and some Superwash Merino.  All in all a very good haul.  I also joined Spunky’s Fiber Club for 8 oz. every month.  I love her fibers and nothing’s better for the soul than a monthly fix of fibery goodness.

Lest I forget, here’s a better pic of my handspun shawl which shows the lacey goodness to better effect:


And last but certainly not least, here’s a pic of my finished and framed “Believe”, currently residing on my bedroom wall.


I need to get crackin’ on Mermaids of the Deep Blue which will hopefully be my next finish.  And mayhap, I’ll find more time to do this bloggin’ thing!

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