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Here’s a picture of CCN’s Bless Our Home so far.  I should have this completed in the next week or so.  I’m a little disappointed in the Crescent Colors Peanut Brittle used for the roof, tree, and part of the doggie.  It’s so much lighter than the charted picture and doesn’t have any variegation at all.  I compared this skein with the skein that comes with Sweet Treats in addition to what my LNS had and they were all virtually the same.  I suppose I could have changed it out, but I was so far into the roof before I even thought about it and didn’t feel like frogging. The two skeins of Pablano Pepper that I’m using (I had part of one from another design and bought another) are way different also.  One is darker and more variegated, the other is very light in color and variegation!

Country Cottage Needleworks Bless Our Home - 28 ct Country French Cafe Mocha linen

Country Cottage Needleworks Bless Our Home - 28 ct Country French Cafe Mocha linen


I also just realized that I haven’t posted a pic of my floss ring tag.  This is a little Hobb Nobb Design.  I got some washers in the mail today that I won from a lady on the Bay of Evil.  That should make the back end of my eyelet look much more finished.

Floss Ring Tag - Hobb Nobb Designs

Floss Ring Tag - Hobb Nobb Designs

Just hanging out today.  The contractor was over yesterday and so was dad.  We’ll be building the addition on the back of the house next to the deck.  The steps from the deck to the driveway will need to be relocated and I’m going to lose my living room closet because it will become the doorway to his room.  The brick exterior of the house will become one of the walls of the addition, however my kitchen window is on this wall and the contractor says to just leave it.  However, I’m not sure that I want to look from that window into my dad’s bedroom.  I can fix that by installing a blind on the kitchen side, but what do I do about it on the bedroom side?   Will that be enough or am I being anal as usual?

I just checked my CC and The Silver Needle order finally appears so I should be getting it soon.  I post piccies when it comes – I got the Jill Rensel mats for Shepherd Bush’s “Oh Say” and Waxing Moons Designs Bittersweet Witchy Hat in punchneedle.  My SB&B order is still pending waiting on some floss to arrive so I guess I won’t be seeing that order till next week.

I’m outta here – I need to go to the grocery store and to the library yet today.  Have a blessed day!



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